Myth: I don’t have much, so there really won’t be anything for the kids to fight over.

qtq80-rR0WimRemember inheritance is poison, it does not matter if you have a lot of it, or a little of it– it’s poisonous. Picture this, a father passes away with three children. His entire legacy is a watch he always wore, and a gold money-clip. All three kids associate these items with their late father, and because they represent his entire legacy, each item is priceless to his kids. Three kids, two priceless legacy items, and the stage is set for what could be a nasty fight. Just because you think your legacy is small does not mean that your family is safe from an inheritance. Sit down with the kids, make a plan as to who will get what, put it properly in writing so there are no disagreements later. Remember those fights between the kids over who would have the remote control when they were watching T.V. Those were little kids and little fights, but those little kids turned into big kids, and they are capable of some really big and expensive fights over an inheritance. Don’t ever underestimate the danger, based on the size of the inheritance.