Red Flag- Caregiver abuse – What’s your number?

Here is a great little tip I learned from a friend of mine.  Before he hires anyone to work at his house, or around his loved-ones, he asks them to list their phone numbers (including cell phone numbers) and email addresses for the last 10 years.

He even goes so far as to verify this information with a private detective.  He told me that this information is as important to him as references!


Because, he told me that honest every-day people want their clients, friends, business associates, and family to be able to reach them.  Most people are loathe to have to change their cell-phone numbers, emails, and even their landline numbers.  When people or businesses have move, usually one of their first concerns is, “Can I keep my phone number”?

Therefore, if a caregiver has a history of changing their contact information/numbers/emails multiple times over a period of years, then my friend will tell you that he believes that the caregiver might be trying to avoid people.  Therefore, a red flag pops-up anytime he hears this information, and he immediately starts to do more investigation on the caregiver.

I am sure that there are many reasons why a person might have multiple cell phone numbers and emails over a ten year period of time.  However, in this day and age, it does not hurt to be extra-cautious and do more investigation about a caregiver whenever a red-flag pops up (whatever or whenever that might be).

Because remember, when it comes to protecting inheritances and family members from caregiver abuse, I think it is just fine to suspect everyone and trust no one– because at the end of the day- Inheritance is poison.